Garley Sculptures


Artistic expression, for me, is three-dimensional. I use shape, volume, texture and color to project overt action, a hint of movement, a mood. I continue to be amazed at what inspires me, and I just go with the groove.

Short Bio

“My sculptures are cool, dynamic, passionate, devout.” says Garley, “They bring the American Experience to life”.

Whether it is the subtle drawing of a breath as in Exquisite, the overt physical action as in The Receiver, the changing of a facial expression as in Sunday’s Flower, or the suggestion of a mood as in Take Phive; Garley’s unique ability to capture his subject in a
“moment of movement”, and to impart to that subject a spirituality of its own insures that his work will continue to gain prominence, appreciation and  recognition.

Call the studio at 916.208.0652.

View Garley’s full biography at The Artist’s Bluebook™


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